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Benefits of Leasing through Us

Financial Need

Reducing Monthly Outlays: Because municipal interest payments are exempt from federal income taxes, passes its tax savings on to you in the form of lower interest rates that keep your payments affordable.

Leveraging Cash Position: If your Balance sheet is healthy, keep those cash reserves fully invested and use the income to offset the interest portion of your lease payments. Our tax exempt lease rates may even be lower than the rate you can earn on your invested funds.

Preserving Cash: with no up-front cash required, you can use your available capital for operating requirements rather than for down payments.

Simplifying Financial Transactions: A Master Lease line can eliminate the hassles of negotiating and bidding multiple purchases. We will fund your entire Lease, eliminating the need for underwriting by investment bankers, and the need to prepare lengthy bond offering documents.

Funding Immediate Needs: You"ll get the equipment you need now without waiting for next year's budget cycle and without the costs and delays of a voter referendum.

Pooling Financial Needs For Discounts: Consolidate the equipment needs of all your departments into a single lease line and reap the rewards of lower interest rates.

Increasing Financial Control: Coordinate the purchase activities of multiple departments with a master lease line that guarantees the same favorable terms for every transaction.