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Lease Structures

What types of Lease Structures are available?

The lease/purchase plans offered by have features customized for each municipality covering several thousand to mult-million dollars. Examples include:

  • Credit Lines
  • Early Purchase Options
  • Master Lease Programs
  • Single Purchase Leases
  • Special Payment Structures
  • Escrow and Advance Funding
  • Financing for Non-Profit Organizations

Comparing Municipal Leasing Quotes

There are several items that need to be considered when comparing other quotes to those offered by

  • Payments in arrears or advance
  • Lease terms in months or years
  • First payment due date
  • Total cost of equipment
  • Any points or "hidden" fees
  • Lease commencement date
  • Any required down payments
  • End of lease residuals or buyouts
  • Smoke & Mirrors - hedging escrow earnings used by lessor to "buy rate down"
  • Periodic rate resets or rates that float
  • Lease purchase (non debt) structures vs. bond issue (debt structures)

Any one or more of the above issues can make a large difference in how much your municipality spends on the lease purchase.